How to order curtains?


Want to order new curtains for your home, office or country house but don't know where to start or how to proceed? Ordering curtains is very simple, no matter for which room you want new curtains.

Designer service

When there are thousands of possibilities, ideas and fabrics, it can be overwhelming to find the right solution you have been dreaming of. Our designers approach each client individually and guide you towards the right choices. What does this process exactly look like?

Personal approach

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First, the designer will come to your home, find out your needs and take the necessary measurements. Why is it so important to identify your needs? The information on whether you want window coverings for functional or decorative purposes, will greatly affect the selection of both fabrics and designs, and help the designer to immediately make suggestions.

Development of design solutions

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The designer will be waiting for you in the salon with drawings and ideas. We will show you the most suitable fabrics, keeping mind the interior design of your home or office. Together we will reach the best solution.


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Once the design and fabrics have been selected, our seamstresses will start sewing your curtains. The order takes up to four weeks - from the approval of the design to installation. By choosing fabrics available in the salon, it is possible to shorten the order time.


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When the curtains are ready, we will contact you to arrange a time for installation. If you wish, you can also perform the installation yourself.

I know exactly what I want

If you are confident about your vision and know what kind of curtains you want then you can place an order without a designer's visit.

Curtain calculator

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The curtain calculator is a great way to order new fabric window coverings without leaving home. It takes just a few simple steps to place an order. Please note that in the curtain calculator you can choose only from our basic collection of fabrics.

By visting us

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When you arrange an appointment with our designer, we can discuss your vision in the salon. For this, you have to take photos of the windows, take the necessary measurements and arrange a time to meet the designer. You can also visit us and look around in the salon without making an appointment in advance.

By placing an order
via e-mail

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When you send us photos of the windows, the necessary dimensions (button in the measuring guide) and your idea, we can finalise the entire order by email.