Blackout curtains


We offer a wide selection of blackout curtains with large choice of colours for all tastes. You can combine and play with different textures and colours and give your blackout curtains a practical purpose, as well as give each interior a unique look.

  • Your sleep quality will improve.
  • They prevent direct sunlight from falling on your screens.
  • Can be used for sound dampening
  • The selection includes semi-blackout and full blackout fabrics.

When choose blackout curtains?

Most homeowners choose to use blackout curtains in their bedroom. If you are one of the many who prefers to sleep in a dark room, then fabric blackout curtains are just what you need! The blackout effect of fabric curtains is achieved by using a special fabric, dense enough so that no light passes through it, or by special treatment of the reverse side of the fabric.

Blackout curtains serve a practical purpose also in many rooms other than the bedroom. When working with a monitor or watching TV, the blackout curtains prevent the light falling on the screens, and you can work without interruption or enjoy your favourite TV program. Blackout curtains can also be used in meeting rooms for sound absorption.

We can turn any fabric curtains into blackout curtains by using blackout fabric as lining. In such case, however, the cleaning of the curtains can be become a bit complicated because the amount and weight of the fabric can be too big. We will advise you on how to avoid such situations.


For the blackout effect, you should make sure that the curtain extends from floor to ceiling and wall to wall, or as far as possible over the window opening, so that the light would not reach the room from above, below or from the sides of the curtains.
We would also like to draw your attention to our curtain tapes selection – the larger the fold of the curtains, the more light can reach into the room from top between the rail and the fabric. Our designers will help you find the best solution to meet your needs.