Although the majority of high-quality fabrics which are produced for curtains and furniture are usually specially processed which simplifies their maintenance, it is extremely important for both textile and curtain rods to be properly cared for.


Depending on the size and composition of the fabric, curtains can be cleaned either by hand or by dry cleaning.

As various materials have its specific treatments that is why we sew all the care instructions onto our products.


We provide maintenance service for:


  • Removal of curtains (including bed coveres, pillows, etc.) at the customer’s space;(Width 3,0m. And a height of up to 2.7 m.) € 17.00
  • Cleaning of the curtains;
  • Installation to former position.(Width 3,0m. and a height of up to 2.7 m.) € 17.00
  • Transport within Tallinn € 17.00