Panel blinds are a good solution for a minimalist, modern interior.
Curtains can be used for various purposes – to ensure the privacy, light control or for bringing effect to the room.


Panel Curtains are installed to the system (3-4-5 sequence) with tarra band . To move the curtains you can use motorised system or special pulling stick – we offer them from different materials (transparent, wood, metal). Panels can be moved manually as well.

At the bottom of the panel there is hidden a weighing bar, which ensures the correct format. Panel curtains can also be made for rails or tubes but in this case the moving of panels can be a bit more complicated.


Panel width is typically 60-80cm, but if necessary narrower or wider can be made . 

The fabric selection for panel curtains is very high – different fabrics can be sewn together forming different patterns; one may use different collections of patterns and colors; there are special panel fabrics with embroidery. Depending on the room the designer will find you a suitable solution.