One of the most popular choices among our customers because it is beautiful as well as very practical. They are suitable for minimalistic, modern or luxurious interior – depends on the type and fabric.
The curtain goes up and down with mechanism which we can offer both with a string or chain controllable. Chain mechanism is more durable and easier to operate. However, string mechanism is much cheaper and suitable for window, where the curtain is not moved up and down on a daily basis.
We also offer power-operated systems. 
If you are looking for beauty and functionality in one then this is the right choice. You can also order many different curtains for a single mechanism – if desired, the interior is then very easily changed and you can bring freshness to your room.
The maximum overall width of the curtains is 3 meters – depends on the fabric.


Roman Blind 

This type of curtain falls straight. Roman blinds can be made with or without sticks (softly folded).You can choose from a wide variety of fabrics. 


Austrian Blind 

This type of curtain has waves on the bottom when hanging. Softer and more romantic form, which is made from thinner fabric that falls well.


French Blind, Marquis 

Very luxurious and timeless curtain type, which is pleated from top to bottom when hanging.Marquees can be done from a variety of thinner fabrics.

All types of blinds or curtains can be combined with the upper parts. They may also cover the windows of obscuration purposes only. Depends on the room and desires.