We offer a wide range of curtain poles and accessories. Very different collections where you will find a suitable solution for every taste and interior.
Poles are very high quality, they are imported from top producers in Spain.
You can choose between wood, metal, as well as innovative and modern transparent poles.
Range of the ends is also very wide – recently we have added new ends with Swarovsky crystals, which can decorate luxurious homes. 




The simplest and most practical option for hanging curtains. We offer a wide range of rails – in addition to white we have added several other colors (silver, gold, bronze, brown and black). Rails are available in various shapes as well – square, round, rounded from front, etc.
Anyone can find a suitable option. We also provide rails that leave an impression of a pole.

All curtains are sewn so that the rail will be hidden. Only when the curtains are drawn on the sides, the rail can be seen. In general the ceilings are all white, so that the rail will blend in and you will not notice it. But who wants to emphasize especially the rail then it can either choose a colored rail or have a special pleating tape sewd on curtains which leave the curtains hanging below the rail.


All systems are also optionally install.